Huckaback Towels & Linen Towels

April 19, 2012 Posted by admin

A term “huckaback towels” is probably familiar for all those looking for quality towels. As this blog is called Huckaback Towels and is dedicated to quality home textile, let me introduce to you this type of towels.

Huckaback is a special rough weave of cotton or linen fabric. It is most often used to produce cloth towels: bath towels, tea towels, hand towels, dish towels. Because of this special loose weave the surface of the fabric is uneven with lots of space for threads to widen when the moisture is absorbed. This quality makes a towel highly absorbent and also results in a micro-massaging effect of the towel. The huckaback weaving pattern comes from the ancient textile traditions of Germany and Scandinavia.

Although cotton huckaback towels can be found on the market, linen towels are those most often associated with the term. Linen bath towels, linen tea towels, linen dish towels – mostly all are huckaback.

Quality linen towel is considered a luxurious choice not without reason. A pure linen towel has many benefits as well as makes a gorgeous and practical accessory to your bathroom.

Here are some qualities and benefits of huckaback linen towels.

  • They absorb water better and dry off quicker than conventional cotton ones.
  • Huckabacks have a good grip and are sturdy and durable.
  • They dry the skin very effectively with no rubbing is needed. Pressed against the skin they absorb moisture at once. Perfect quality for those with sensitive skin.
  • Towel-drying with huckaback linen towel also massages skin and stimulates the blood supply. This results in revitalized and fresh skin.
  • Linen towels do not take up as much space in a wardrobe as cotton towels as they are very thin when folded.
  • Being thin and lightweight linen towels are irreplaceable companions when travelling.
  • Linen huckaback towels as well as other pure linen textile pieces get softer and smoother with each wash.

As you can see, linen bath towels, linen guest towels, linen kitchen towels are most suitable for those caring for their health and looking for practical and easy care home linen.

One of the best reasons to have a pure linen huckaback towel is the fact they give an amazing feeling of a spa in your own bathroom! Choose some linen towels of your favorite colors and enjoy your morning and evening rituals in your bathroom!


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