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Bathroom Towels in Bathroom Design

June 29, 2012 Posted by admin

Bathroom towels have a functional purpose first of all, of course. We use them daily so often we do not even think of them as an interior detail – after their job is done bathroom towels are often left on the bathroom floor in a crumpled state or tossed somewhere on the chair. Messy bath towels create an untidy appearance in the bathroom and certainly do not help your bathroom look inviting.

So, the first step to make your bathroom neat and fresh is organizing your towels neatly. Drape damp towels on a towel rack or towel heater; hang them of the hooks or towel bar. Dry bath towels will look best when folded neatly and placed on a shelf, chair or cupboard. (more…)

Beach Towels – for Real Comfort on the Beach

June 15, 2012 Posted by admin

For beach we usually use a bit larger towels than those at home. For its perfect water absorbing qualities linen towels are the ideal choice for luxurious beach towels. We expect beach towels to soak up water fast and then dry out quickly too and that also are the characteristics of linen fabric. All this and also light weight makes linen towels irreplaceable for quality beach time.

Because of large size and thinness, linen beach towels can serve lots of purposes. They are used for comfort and hygiene purposes, i.e. sit, lie, and stand on to avoid doing this directly on the ground. Large beach towel can be a make shift garment or a blanket, or put on as an extra layer of clothing during cooler days, or can be worn tied around the waist like a skirt or just under the armpits like a long dress, usually in warm environments or on the beach. (more…)