4 Types of Towels To Be Used at Home

July 24, 2012 Posted by admin

We use towels every day – they are a regular part of our lives. Drying after a shower, wiping hands after washing them or absorbing liquids in a kitchen is hardly imaginable without a towel. There are many different towels that we use for different purposes but four towel types are most basic and essential – ones that everyone should have at home. Of all sorts of towels available we highly recommend linen towels.

1. Bath Towels or bath sheets are used to wipe the moisture off our bodies after taking a bath or a shower. The most popular standard size is 75 x 150 cm although other sizes can be found easily. When buying one make sure you can wrap it around yourself easily – this gives much comfort when using the towel. It is advisable to have at least two sets of bath towels for each family member in your house. When one set is in washing, other can be used. Bath towels must be changed at least weekly or sooner if you feel like. This is important for hygienic reasons. Always have a spare set or two for unexpected visitors. Have linen towels at home.

2. Face Towels are used only when you wash your face. The standard size is 30 x 30 cm. Quantity of 2 sets per person is recommended. Be sure to have a separate face towel for your guests or visitors and inform them of this. Replace face towels immediately once the visitors have left.

3. Hand Towels are often called Guest & Hand Towels as they serve two purposes in most cases – our clean hand towels are given for our visitors to use. The standard size is 30 x 60 cm. They must be placed near the wash area or the sink of your bathroom. This is the most frequently used towel. So it has to be replaced very often, daily being the best.

4. Kitchen Towels or tea towels have three main purposes: to wipe hands, to wipe kitchen counters and table and to wipe washed plates. The standard size is 30 x 60 cm. It is best to use a different towel for a different purpose and have 5 sets of kitchen towels for each purpose. It is recommended to replace your kitchen towels every other day with dish towel being replaced daily.

There are of course more types of towels, i.e. beach towels, foot towels, sweat towels, baby towels and more. However, the four types of towels mentioned above are essential. When making a choice which towel to buy, opt for linen towels for their outstanding qualities.


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