7 Tips to Increase Longevity of Your Bath Towel

November 9, 2012 Posted by admin

When buying towels, especially luxurious ones – like linen towels, for example, we expect them to last long – maintain their absorbency capabilities and texture, keep shape and color. Alas, not always this comes true. In order to increase the longevity of your bath towels, hand towels, bath sheets or tea towels, read and follow these simple instructions.

1. We all know that new bathroom towels – linen towels or cotton or bamboo or other – achieve their full absorbency and softness only after three to four washes. To shorten this process you can soak your new towels in water with a cup of ammonia to it, and leave them overnight. Next day wash your bath towels in the machine with a cup of detergent and a cup of clear vinegar. Then dry them completely and clear the excess lint which is characteristic to new towel. Avoid washing old bath towels with new ones.

2. Linen towels or not, do not use (or use moderately) fabric softeners on your bathroom linen. Fabric softeners contain silicon which makes a towel water repellent and hence absorbency is decreased.

3. Do not bleach your towels. If a towel is soiled a lot wash it with warm water and detergent rather than using bleach on it as bleach damages the fibers and produces lint.

4. Get used to wash and dry your dark-colored and light-colored bathroom linen items separately. This way your bright towels will stay bright longer. Wash you linen towels separately as well in order not to damage their softness.

5. Never reuse water for the next consecutive load – it contains lint which would contaminate the next lot.

6. Adding a cup of clear vinegar to the rinsing cycle will help to get rid of any mildew and also restore its absorbency. Vinegar fights the effects of any chemical used during wash which may decrease the absorbency of bathroom linens.

7. If you want to have your towels fluffy, always tumble dry them. It is imperative to do this at low temperatures, as an excess heat may hamper the integrity of the towel.

Bath towels is what we use every day and having quality towels with high absorbency, pleasant fluffiness and nice to touch not only makes our day start easier but also raise our moods! It is not wise invest in quality bathroom linen – like linen towels – and later not to take proper care of them – especially when this is so easy and effortless.



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