Bathroom Linen – What Are They?

February 8, 2013 Posted by admin

We talk a lot in our blog about bathroom linen and sometimes maybe a question of what are they may arise. Bathroom towels? Bath sheets? What else? So let’s see.
Quality linens placed in our bathrooms help to generate the enjoyable sensation of checking into a chick hotel or entering a luxurious spa. Either for our guest or for ourselves. Conventional bathroom linen comprises of bath towels, bath sheets, washcloths, bathrobes, rugs and mats. The choices within this repertoire will determine the comfort and relaxation level you yourself, your family and guests will experience while using the bathroom. Fabrics, quality of the production, colors, and styles are also important to making the feel.

Bathroom Towels
Bath towels and sheets are main component in your bath linen inventory. They envelope you after a shower or a bath, keeping you dry and cozy. Pure linen bathroom towels are exceptionally luxurious, absorbent and long lasting, making them preferred choices in top quality bath towels. They are a primary choice of the top class hotels and spas as well.

Guest & Hand Towels and Washcloths
Complementing the bath towels are the guest & hand towels and washcloths. Linen guest & hand towels are especially luxurious. Hand & Guest towels are much smaller than bath towels and bath sheets, measuring about 17×30 inches. They usually hang on a towel bar or hook beside the sink ready for you to dry your hands. Guest towels can be of prettier design and used less frequently – only when someone not from the immediate family is in the house. Wash cloths are even smaller and are used for cleansing the face or body. They measure about 12×12 inches. Linen hand & guest towels will always make an impression for anyone visiting your home.

Bathrobes are the most personal items of the bath linen assortment. Individual preferences, style and comfort is important when choosing your bathrobe. Linen bathrobes are the most luxurious as they are extremely soft, comforting and highly absorbent. The loose fit and wrap-around fabric belt are universal for most bathrobes, making them a popular choice for lounging. For further personalization monogramming, matching slippers and assorted colors can be chosen as an option.

Rugs and Mats
Stepping out of a shower or bath onto a tile or wooden floor can be slippery and make a very dangerous situation. A textured linen or cotton bath mat is a much safer surface to step onto. It is also a way more pleasant to feel some cozy fabric under your feet. Bathroom rugs and mats scattered throughout the bathroom provide for water absorption and comforting warmth for your feet. A thoughtfully chosen variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colors will adorn any decor.

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