Bathroom Towels: 6 Most Popular Fibers

May 22, 2012 Posted by admin

Bathroom towels can become your style and taste statements, everyday blissful indulgence and everything in between. So knowing a little bit more about them is useful and worth your time. Imagine having a shower on a beautiful morning, stretching your hand for the towel and… groping some thin, flabby cloth that is unpleasant to touch and which does not absorb moisture at all. And now imagine the same situation but this time what you grope is fluffy, soft and sturdy quality towel which dries your skin instantly. How does each of these situations affect your mood?

So, let’s get into more details about fibers bathroom towels most usually are made of.

  • Linen –linen huckaback bathroom towels are made of flax plant and then woven in this ancient huckaback pattern which allows a towel to absorb moisture instantly and dry quickly. Linen towels are anti-bacterial, hypo-allergic.
  • Bamboo – made from Bamboo grass, this fiber has a soft texture and a glossy appearance, it accepts dyes well. Bamboo is usually blended with cotton. Towels made of bamboo fiber are naturally anti-bacterial and mildew-resistant. Bamboo fiber is an eco-friendly choice, because this plant is highly sustainable, fast-growing and doesn’t require pesticides.
  • Eqyptian Cotton is often called the “king” of cotton. This type of cotton is grown in Egypt’s hot climate and valued for its extra-long, fibrous threads. Its high density produces a impressively absorbent cotton that is also very strong and breathable. Being surprisingly durable, Egyptian cotton bath towels can last for years if proper care is given.

  • Organic cotton can only be grown under highly controlled conditions and no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers can be used. Organic cotton is harvested in a special way to ensure sustainability and little environmental impact. To produce a truly environmentally friendly towel only eco-friendly dyes are used.
  • Pima (or Supima) cotton is the type of cotton grown in the warm, dry climate of the southwestern United States. This fiber is produced from the same plant as Egyptian cotton and makes rich, extra-long staple fibers appreciated for their strength and absorbency. Pima is considered to be a superior blend of cotton.
  • Turkish cotton is grown exclusively in Turkey. This is a premium cotton that has extra-long staples that result in a towel with a high level of comfort, absorbency and durability.

So, we hope having a bit more knowledge on the fibers the towels are made of will help you decide easier what you really need. Whether you choose linen huckaback bathroom towels, Pima towels or Bamboo towels, follow these simple bathroom towels buying guide to choose a towel that suits your needs and tastes the most!



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