Choosing Quality Beach and Bathroom Towels

May 1, 2012 Posted by admin

With these warm days already here, the towel buying season has begun! The demand for beach towels as well as bathroom towels increases rapidly in spring. That’s why I thought some information about choosing the quality towels would be helpful. Whether you look for a towel for your pool or beach time or the one to be used in your bathroom, the instructions are mainly the same.

The quality towel is the one that is highly absorbent, soft, durable and able to dry quickly. All these qualities are determined by the type of fibers that are used, the weaving of the towel and then the finishing.

1. When deciding upon what towels to buy, choose those made of natural material – Egypt cotton ones or linen huckaback bathroom towels are the best choice. Egyptian cotton is renowned for its long stapled threads that are spun from the cotton and that reduces the chances of thread breaking (or pilling) after repeated use and laundering. Linen huckaback towels are also very durable and have lots of other great qualities (we are discussing cotton ones further on).

2. Another thing to ask the towel seller is if the cotton has been combed, because it is another important characteristic of a quality cotton towel. Combing the cotton before it has been spun allows the smaller threads (that are likely to cause pilling) to be permanently removed.

3. The second most important quality of a great towel after the material used is the thickness or the grammage of cotton used. These are measured with grams of cotton used per one square meter of the towel fabric. The number shows the quality of absorbency and resiliency of your towel. Anything in between 450g/m2 up to 550g/m2 is ideal. However be informed that anything above 550g is very heavy and therefore it will take a lot longer for a towel to dry which is practical and comfortable at all.

4. After weaving the fabric together, it is put into a solution that seals the fibers to prolong its absorbency and softness. This is called finishing. The quality finishing allows the towel to keep its color, shape and soft feel.

While the construction of towel is very important to its durability, they still need to be cared for correctly. It‘s best to always wash towels alone and do not to use any type of fabric softener during the wash because they coat the towel’s fibers and make them less absorbent. A quality towel will never need fabric softener because it becomes softer with each wash. This refers both to linen towels and cotton ones.

Buying quality bathroom towels is an investment – they will serve many years and can be enjouyed for a long time.



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