Decorating Bathroom for Christmas and Linen Towels

December 13, 2012 Posted by admin

Linen towels and Christmas decoration of a bathroom? Yes! Although for most families it is traditional to decorate only their living spaces in the home, like the living room or kitchen, to really enjoy the holiday spirit you would want to decorate more of your living environments. Bathroom is a place we spend important time of our day – getting ready in the morning and relaxing in the evening, so why not to expand Christmas spirit there? Read some ideas – use your linen towels, pictures, rugs and other objects in a bathroom.

Linen Towels

If linen towels are a new idea to you, it’s the right time to try them. Fold up your usual towels and bring in linen bathroom linen. Linen bath towels are highly absorbent, dry quickly and are pleasant to skin. But they are ideal to add to Christmas decorations as well. They are thin and lightweight, and come in huge variety of colors. So when choosing red, green mixed with pastel colors linen towels you can change the color scheme in your bathroom. Use a towel rack, heater, hooks and with a help of your imagination design the festive color scheme.

 Floor Rugs

It’s time to look closer to your floor rugs and change them to new holiday-inspired bathroom rugs. There are thick linen rugs as well – coordinate them with the colors of your linen bath towels. If linen rugs are not available, use thick, plush greens or whatever color goes with your color scheme. Nice, warm Christmas rug will keep your toes warm while being in the bathroom.

Christmas Inspired Pictures

Although the bathroom area probably offers only limited wall space, hanging a holiday themed pictue or two will give your room some Christmas flair. If there is no room for a picture, hang a shower curtain with festive Christmas scenes.


Candles always create a special atmosphere. Light up your bathroom for Christmas with some well-placed candles that scents of cool peppermint or festive evergreen. You might even consider a small Christmas tree if space allows.

Other accessories like toothbrush or soap holders made in festive themes can be small add-ons to finish the look. There is even Christmas toilet paper to consider!

To put all the advices short – we highly rely on quality linen bathroom linen – they guarantee your comfort and pleasant feelings. And with a help of some festive accessories, linen towels will add to unforgettable Christmas time.


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