Fingertip Towels – Types and Use

October 10, 2012 Posted by admin

Fingertip towels are small towels that are basically meant to keep the fingers and palms clean and dry after a wash. There can be fingertip linen towels, cotton towels or made from any other material for that matter. Fingertip towels most often are used for decoration purpose and add style and extra elegance on particular areas of your house. Traditionally they are lighter and thinner than the regular towels you find around the house.

Most often fingertip towels are used in bathrooms and usually they can replace guest towels. Normal towels may seem big and clumsy when placed with the sole purpose of drying hands, so then fingertips towels become handy. As fingertip (also called simply guest towels) towels other important purpose is decoration, they are usually created with different types of prints, may have monograms, embroidery, embellishments, or other designs to increase the aesthetic value the place they are used in. Linen towels are considered the luxurious ones as they are lightweight, come in lots of colors, absorb moisture well and dry quickly. When buying your fingertip towels, think of the place you will use them. Coordinate colors of towels with the bathroom interiors and the wall colors. When choosing linen towels, bear in mind they are thinner than cotton ones.

Fingertip towels with embroidery are much preferred by home-owners and interior designers. By the touch of embroidery, the new quality and classy is created. Fingertip linen towels with embroideries are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. They work like a regular tea towel or hand towel to remove dirt plus can be machine washed and dried in a drier. Monogrammed fingertip towels are a new raising trend.

Fingertip towels – be it linen towels, cotton or other ones – can be very refreshing after a long hectic day. Simply soak your linen towel in rose or similar water and leave it in a refrigerator. When you come home after a tiresome day, relax on the sofa with the gentleness of rose around you and the reassurance of cold on your face and hands.



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