Five Places Where a Linen Towel Might Come in Handy

March 19, 2015 Posted by admin

Linen towels are simply the best. And not only because they are thin and absorb very well. Linen towels are also very lightweight and they take up less space than all those fluffy towels, so you can throw a few of them in your bag and you won’t even feel that you are carrying them. We bet that now you are wondering why on earth you should carry your towels around with you. To answer that, we prepared a list of five places where a linen towel might come in handy.


A day at the beach

What are the first three things that come into your mind when you think about beaches? Sun, sea and… Of course, sand. Those little grains get literally everywhere. A wide linen towel can surely be a lifesaver at the beach. Spread your towels on sand to lay down on them, make a beach-skirt or use a towel as a blanket to cover up when the sun sets down.

A walk with your baby

Linen absorbs perspiration very well. Linen towels can be spread in a pram, on a beach bed, or simply on sand or grass where your baby plays or sleeps. Your baby will feel cozy and you will not have to worry about him getting cold or too hot, since linen relieves the skin of excessive heat when body temperature rises.


Being thin linen towels are lightweight, too. And this makes them irreplaceable when packing for a trip, day on the beach, or putting together a backpack before hiking. Next time you pack, forget the big and fluffy usual beach towels – just grab some lightweight and multifunctional linen towels and be surprised of how much smaller your luggage will become.



Linen towels are extremely absorbent – they absorb moisture instantly. No rubbing needed – just press a towel to your skin and dry up at once. People who have sensitive skin appreciate it a lot. Linen bath and hand towels dry extremely quickly. Leave them in the sun or wind and return in a few minutes. Linen is also a lasting fabric – your bathroom linens will last for years.

At home

Linen towels are thin and therefore take very little room in your drawers or shelves, and also look neat when folded. They take much less place in your drawers than ordinary cotton towels do, so you will be able to pack even several times more towels in one drawer if you use thin linen towels.

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