Five Reasons to Choose Linen Towels Over Cotton Ones

November 26, 2015 Posted by admin

Although cotton was usually the most popular choice for towels, nowadays people are changing their minds about cotton towels. With multiple fibres such as bamboo and linen reaching their glory moments more and more people are throwing away their cotton towels to try something new, and they’re not wrong at all.


Linen is the world’s strongest natural fibre. Being thicker than cotton linen is a very strong material. Linen is usually woven tightly, therefore it is such a strong natural fabric. Being strong it’s not going to rip apart in a few months. Linen towels, sheets and other products could last you a lifetime. Linen has a natural resin called lignin. Because of the resin linen gets soft with multiple washings and while being used a lot. It tends to wrinkle less and get softer and softer while using.

Linen is a great fabric for any season. It absorbs humidity very well. Actually, linen can absorb up to 20% moisture and still feel dry when you touch it. Although it absorbs humidity so well, linen is a natural bacteria repellent, so choosing linen towels is a great option.

Linen fabric is very breathable, therefore in the warm weather it is guaranteed to let the air move and absorb excess humidity keeping your body cool. In the colder months linen sheets and other products will retain heat to your body since linen is a natural insulator. These natural properties of this amazing fibre makes linen a unique fabric which is a great material for towels.

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