Guest & Hand Towels – Decorating Your Guest Bathroom

September 12, 2012 Posted by admin

Even of your house is immaculately decorated and completely equipped with all the necessities and all the interior is of top quality, if you neglect to furnish the guest bathroom properly, everything else loses its charm. That is why decorating the guest bathroom has to have a priority in home décor. And guest & hand towels play an important role in this task.

A guest hand towel is one of the first things a guest uses. It’s unthinkable to have it missing altogether but even if it’s present, make it is of good quality and fits well into bathroom interior. Guest & hand towels can either match or aesthetically contrast the bathroom décor including the fittings, curtains and tiles.

It is not a challenge to find a decent guest hand towel nowadays – the market is wide and popular. It’s easy to find guest & hand towels in almost every color and pattern imaginable. One only has to be careful about the quality as poor quality will show after the first few uses. Choose your designs and prints according to the theme of the house – cheerful or bright guest hand towels for colorful and vivid interiors and plain, simple ones for more classically decorated and elegantly furnished house.

Placement of a guest hand towel is another factor to think about. Although many bathrooms have towel rings or towel racks installed by default, improvising about placement can be a good idea.

Roll the guest & hand towels, tie them with a loose beautiful ribbon or simple string, keep them in nice baskets – this will give a pleasant feel of surprise to the visitor. This will also give the notion that the towels are brand new and kept specifically for the guest in question.

Having bathroom towels set with bath towel, guest hand towel and face towel included allows accentuating the design and color of the towels and fitting in better with the bathroom. Choosing the proper guest hand towels and placing them thoughtfully is essential in making the best possible impression on the guest.


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