Heated Towels Rails for Maximum Comfort in the Bathroom

October 4, 2012 Posted by admin

What separates your home bathroom from a spa is the fact that at home we do everything ourselves. And usually the experience is not the same. Of course we do not have the qualities of the staff, luxurious cosmetics and relaxed feeling the spa provides but one thing we surely have of the same quality – warm and cozy bathroom towels. When it comes down to it, you can always invest in a good set of heated bathroom towel rails (or rack) and ensure your bathing experience is just as great and relaxing.

Heated rails will dry your bath towels in short time (linen bathroom linen dry in minutes!) and also ensure you have cozy warm towel after a shower or a bath. But apart from that, the heated rails keep the moisture level in the bathroom low thus protecting it from germ and mildew.

Heated rails are very popular nowadays; they come in several different styles, colors, and materials with the most popular materials being brass, polished chrome and satin nickel. Depending on size, material and some other factors (like extra accessories, portability etc) the prices vary a lot.

Before purchasing a heated rack for your bathroom towels, ensure that the rack you consider is compatible with your current electrical fixtures. A certified electrician has to do the installation works and ascertain the most appropriate location for a heated towel rail, to reduce the risk of accidental electrical shocks. When choosing a rack, consider getting one with a timer that will help optimal consumption of electricity and thus reduce bills.

The heated towel rack is a step towards the Spa experience at our own home. Add some high quality bathroom linen (we recommend linen bathroom towels), some candles, quality cosmetics and find some quiet time to spend undisturbed in a bathroom. Relax and enjoy your warm bathroom towels!


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