Linen Tea Towels to Maintain Your Kitchen Clean

August 16, 2012 Posted by admin

Tea towels are really helpful while working in kitchen. A huge variety of tea towels are available for you in the market. Linen tea towels together with cotton tea towels are the most popular choice.

To keep your kitchen clean and your kitchen accessories and food products hygienic, one must use several tea towels for different purposes in the kitchen. Small or big, cloth tea towels are the best. In order to wipe wetness from vessels or clean your kitchen counter, use big sized linen tea towel. Ir order to dry vegetables or spoons and forks, you might want to use small tea towel.

As there are lots of various designs and model of the towels available, you can make a good selection of the towels and dedicate them to different tasks. You should start your daily work in the kitchen with a fresh tea towel or some of them ready – neat and clean. It‘s wise to used differently colored tea towels for different purposes – it‘s easier to remember which is for what. For example, use red checkered tea towel to wipe dishes, blue striped towel to dry vegetables, yellow tea towel to clean counter tops etc.

Have in mind that tea towels and dish sponges are the most favorite places for germs to live, so clean them every day or replace with new ones. Therefore when buying a new tea towel, it is wise to purchase several of them at once. Or even a dozen.

Linen tea towels are arguably the best choice to help in the kitchen as they are highly absorbent, dry in minutes, are pleasant to your skin, the stains are removed easily.

Below find several tips on your cotton or linen tea towels.

  • Be sure to wash your tea towels in warm water every day and (if possible) give them a sun dry.
  • Throw away a tea towel after 40 washings.
  • Use a kitchen towel holder to store your dry the tea towels.
  • Keep a bulk set of tea towels in your kitchen.
  • Use a fabric softener for tea towels to give them an aroma.


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