Organize Your Bathroom Towels

January 9, 2013 Posted by admin

Cotton or linen towels are a necessity in every bathroom. Most of us use bath towels, hand towels, decorative towels and towels for cleaning. First of all they serve their function, of course, but we all know they also add to the d├ęcor of a bathroom. In order to keep your bathroom neat, you need to organize your towels properly.

Your everyday bath towels have to be hanged in a place where they will be able to dry quickly after use. A towel bar on the wall or shower door is a solution if only one towels is usually used. If multiple people use the bathroom, and therefore there usually are multiple wet towels, a towel holder with several hooks will do the work. Spread the hooks out enough to allow the bathroom linen dry properly between uses.

For maximum comfort in the bathroom, provide a guest & hand towel by the sink so that your family members and guests can dry their hands after washing them. Hang the hand towel at an arm’s distance from the sink, use a small towel ring or hook.

To adorn your bathroom, you might want to use some decorative towels there. The embroidered towels, antique ones or those with bold prints and patterns always add a nice touch. If you do not want to be used by family and guests, hang them either under the window or on the center of the wall, but not too close to the sink. This should help to understand that the towels are meant for decoration rather than use.

Towels you use to wipe the sink or your personal towel to dry your face should be hidden inside of your bathroom cabinet door.



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